Brian James is a yoga teacher, musician and shamanic practitioner currently living in Montréal, Canada with his wife of eleven years Debbie, and their dog Kingston (RIP Sweetie).

A lifelong musician, artist and curious seeker, Brian began exploring yoga and plant medicines over twenty years ago. After a crisis in his mid-thirties — burned out from his job in advertising and struggling with stress, anxiety and addiction — he began own healing journey in earnest. He’s spent the last decade learning from master teachers and exploring in greater depth the medicine paths of yoga, music, shamanism and psychology. He shares conversations with some of the teachers he’s met on the Medicine Path Podcast.

Since 2012, Brian has dedicated his life to sharing the healing power of yoga and music, and has taught around the world — from Shanghai, China to the heart of the Amazon jungle. He regularly teaches group classes and workshops as well as working 1-to-1 with individuals, helping them develop a personal practice and supporting them in recovering a sense of wholeness and freedom.

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