04: Celestial Music & Laughter Yoga with Laraaji


I had the chance to sit down with ambient music pioneer and laughter yoga guru Laraaji on his recent stopover in Montréal. In this enlightening and laughter-filled conversation, we chat about music as a way to tap into the eternal now, laughter as medicine, the key to aging gracefully and the power of saying 'no' to heavy language. Toward the end of our conversation his partner Arji adds some beautiful wisdom about mothering our inner child. Spending time with these two was some real heart medicine, and I hope that it leaves you feeling as light and inspired as it did me.

Find out more about Laraaji and his work at:

Laraaji Eternity or Bust film: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfnVoJ2Jt74

Intro and outro music: Meditation No. 2 from Ambient 3: Day of Radiance by Laraaji and Brian Eno.

About Brian James
Brian James is a yoga teacher, musician and artist currently living in Montréal, Canada. He has been exploring the intersection of music, yoga and shamanism for over 20 years.


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