16: Yoga, Shamanism & Sustainability with Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham


Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter, author, educator and TV personality who has conducted medicinal plant research in over 45 countries and lectures worldwide about holistic wellness and botanical medicines. As a guest expert on TV in U.S. and international markets, he advocates for traditional botanical medicines, including psychoactive and psychedelic plant medicines such as cannabis.

Chris' website: http://medicinehunter.com

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Intro & Outro Music: Shaman Songs of the Amazon Basin, Ninawa Pai Da Mata courtesy of EntheoNation on YouTube

About Brian James
Brian James is a yoga teacher, integrative coach, musician and artist currently living in Montréal, Canada with his wife, astrologer Debbie Stapleton and their two Boston Terriers, Kingston and Sweetie. He has been exploring the intersection of music, yoga and shamanism for over 20 years.


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