25: The Shaman's Apprentice with Jim Sanders


Jim Sanders is a father, husband, filmmaker, ayahuasquero and founder of Tonkiri, a healing and wellness centre in Manitoba, Canada.

Jim shares openly about his background as an raging anarchist activist filmmaker, the challenges of balancing his family life with his calling to become a healer, hist apprenticeship with master shaman Juan Flores, integrating his whole family into his medicine work, and his mission to bring the healing medicine of South America to the indigenous communities of North America who are experiencing the devastating effects of deep generational trauma, poverty and segregation.

Jim’s website: http://tonkiri.ca

Jim’s film about Juan Flores: https://youtu.be/Praue4caC8g

Outro music: “Tonkiri” sung by André Clément, written by Maestro Juan Flores

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About Brian James
Brian James is a yoga teacher, integrative coach, musician and artist currently living in Montréal, Canada with his wife, astrologer Debbie Stapleton, and their Boston Terrier Kingston (RIP Sweetie). He has been exploring the intersection of music, yoga and shamanism for over 20 years.


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