S02E07 Finding Meaning in Life with John Vervaeke PhD


John Vervaeke, PhD is an award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto in the departments of psychology, cognitive science and Buddhist psychology.

He is first author of the book Zombies in Western Culture: A 21st Century Crisis which integrates Psychology and Cognitive Science to address the meaning crisis in Western society. His ongoing YouTube lecture series Awakening from the Meaning Crisis has reached over 100,000 views on YouTube so far.

In our conversation we discuss what makes an experience meaningful, and how practices like meditation, yoga and shamanism open us to receive insight and create connections that make life more meaningful.

• his popular YouTube lecture series Awakening From the Meaning Crisis
• open source learning on YouTube
• what is “meaning”?
• what makes an experience meaningful
• the cognitive science of meaning
• cultivating qualities that make life meaningful
• the magic of the flow state
• shamanism as a psychotechnology
• the benefit of yoga, qi gong and tai chi practices
• the power of practicing in community
• committed relationship as a spiritual path

Links to John’s work:
Awakening from the Meaning Crisis on YouTube
Zombies in Western Culture: A Twenty-First Century Crisis

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About Brian James
Brian James is a yoga teacher, musician, shamanic practitioner and transformational coach currently living in Montréal, Canada with his wife, astrologer Debbie Stapleton and their Boston Terrier Kingston. He has been exploring the intersection of music, yoga and shamanism for over 20 years.


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