S02E14 Molly Lannon Kenny on Punk Rock, Yoga Therapy & Mystic Christianity


Molly Lannon Kenny is a teacher, therapist, and writer who has dedicated her life to the collective reclamation and liberation of the human spirit.

She believes in the inherent worthiness of all beings and uses her passion, knowledge and experience to inspire collective care and well-being. In the late 1990s, combining her extensive clinical background with her knowledge and experience in yoga, Molly developed Integrated Movement Therapy® – a therapy framework which centers the wholeness of the individual, incorporating movement, breath and contemplative practices to address the complexity and dimensionality of every lived experience.

In July 2000, Molly founded The Samarya Center in Seattle, Washington, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing yoga based therapy to people of all ages and abilities.

Molly is the author of the book No Gurus Came Knocking, a memoir about yoga and everyday life. She has also published a unique deck of yoga cards with a booklet describing the neurophysiologic perspective of Integrated Movement Therapy®, with several fun games and activities linking cognitive, linguistic and motor output from the games with their specific correlations in the brain.

Website: mollylannonkenny.org
Lead-in music: 66 Saints, “Collider” (w/ Molly K.)

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About Brian James
Brian James is a yoga teacher, musician, shamanic practitioner and transformational coach currently living in Montréal, Canada with his wife, astrologer Debbie Stapleton and their Boston Terrier Kingston. He has been exploring the intersection of music, yoga and shamanism for over 20 years.


Detailed Show Notes

(00:00:31) Intro
(00:02:06) 66 Saints - “Collider”
(00:02:40) Begin interview
(00:02:47) How did you first get into yoga?
(00:07:38) The unsung heroes of yoga
(00:09:47) Ashtanga Yoga & the 90s Seattle yoga scene
(00:16:40) Playing in the Seattle grunge scene
(00:18:53) DIY, diversity in yoga
(00:22:10) Developing Integrated Movement Therapy
(00:31:55) “If we’re already perfect and whole, why do we need therapy?”
(00:39:07) Integrating yoga and psychotherapy
(00:39:55) Identifying with our trauma, “survivor” or “victim”
(00:43:15) Triggering vs. Activation
(00:52:01) Developing discernment through somatic and emotional attunement
(00:55:48) “Pain is the unavoidable motive for practice”
(00:56:00) Joy is a resource
(00:59:31) The Inner Critic vs. the Inner Praiser
(01:02:26) Body image
(01:07:30) Addiction & harmful behaviour
(01:11:38) What is the function of the addiction or behaviour?
(01:13:45) Becoming a clearer mirror
(01:18:13) Contemplative Christianity
(01:24:40) Howard Thurman “Jesus and the Disinherited”
(01:32:09) Loving thy neighbour

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