Medicine Path Healing Arts supports personal healing and empowerment through yoga, bodywork, integrative coaching and shamanic journeying.


1-to-1 Yoga


Yoga offers a complete range of mind, body and breath practices to help us restore health and a sense of wholeness.

 Legendary yogi Sri Krishnamacharya

Legendary yogi Sri Krishnamacharya

My practice and teaching is greatly inspired by TKV Desikachar and his father Krishnamacharya, who taught that yoga is for everybody, and innovated an adaptable approach (viniyoga) that is deeply rooted in tradition but accessible and relevant to modern yogis who have family and work responsibilities. When we adapt the practice to your needs and goals, it becomes safe, effective and enjoyable.

Whether you are looking to heal physical or emotional pain, overcome anxiety and depression, recover from addiction, or are looking for something you can do every day to feel more healthy, vibrant and alive, there is a right yoga practice for you.

Working together, we’ll develop a personal home practice for you that meets your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and goals, and find a way to integrate it into your daily life as part of your self-care regimen.

In your yoga practice, you’ll learn to master simple but powerful tools that will help you release tension and stress, manage your energy, focus your mind, and centre and ground yourself whenever you need it.

In return for your commitment to take on a daily practice, I’ll provide you with resources and ongoing support via text and email to help keep you on track. We’re in this together!

Sessions available online or in-person (Montréal area)

Initial Session (1hr) $90
Follow-up Session (1hr) $75
Package of 6 Sessions $450
(Add $10 for each in-home session)





Medicine Path Bodywork is a blend of assisted yoga postures and gentle massage techniques that help to release tension and stress while encouraging more openness and fluidity in the physical and energetic bodies.

Together, in the spirit of metta (loving-kindness) we create a safe space to enter into dialogue with your body where you will learn to support its healthy, natural function by illuminating and releasing negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are the root of much of the physical and emotional pain and suffering we experience.

I like to be in dialogue with my clients, listening to both the tactile feedback from your body and your mental/emotional response, asking questions, trying different techniques, and modulating the intensity to help reveal the right, natural course of treatment and deepen your own body-mind awareness and sensitivity.

Sessions end with sound healing using a combination of bowls, rattles, voice and other instruments to support deep rest and integration.

Sessions available in-person (Montréal area)

Bodywork & Sound Healing (1hr) $90
Package of 3 Sessions $250 (save $10/session)
(add $10 for each in-home session)



Integrative Coaching


Medicine Path Coaching is an integrative approach with the goal of restoring harmony in all aspects of your life, from the personal (mind, body, soul, spirit), to the interpersonal (work, family, love life), through a process that involves compassionate inquiry, self-reflection, self-care, goal setting and accountability.

It’s impossible to do transformative work alone — we need a trusted friend who is compassionate and non-judgmental, listens, offers a different perspective, and who can challenge us to be honest and accountable to ourselves. This is what the ancient Celts called anam cara, or soul friend — someone who helps to reveal the shape and purpose of our own soul.

I work with clients by helping them to remember who they really are and what they really want from life, identifying what’s keeping them from manifesting their dreams, and then coaching them through the process of making the changes needed to make their dream life a reality.

Simple breath, movement and meditation practices are usually offered as part of my coaching sessions to help manage the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness that we can experience when we’re disconnected from our soul’s purpose.

Sessions available online (worldwide) or in-person (Montréal area)

Initial Session (1hr) $90
Follow-up Session (1hr) $75
Package of 6 Sessions $450



Shamanic Journey


The classic Shamanic Journey is an age-old practice utilizing repetitive, steady drumming, chanting and other sounds to relax the body, clear energetic blocks and open our consciousness to receive insight, guidance and healing.

A shamanic journey is recommended to anyone that is feeling stuck or disconnected from their soul’s purpose. It can be a way to bring a deeper sense of spiritual connection into your life, to reconnect you to the great mystery, and gain insight and inspiration.

In addition to the drum journey, I can also administer rapé, a shamanic snuff made from finely ground tobacco and other plants that’s used for energetic/emotional clearing.

Sessions available in-person (Montréal area)

Shamanic Journey (1hr) $90
Journey with Rapé Snuff (1hr) $120



Psychedelic Integration

Many people who spend hundreds or thousands of dollars seeking healing through psychedelics don’t invest anything into proper preparation and integration.

As any expert will tell you, the key to lasting healing and transformation is often not what happens during the ceremony, but what happens before and after.

Drawing on wisdom from yoga, psychotherapy and years of personal experience working with natural and synthetic psychedelics, I’ve developed a three-part holistic approach for getting the most out of your work with these medicines.

 Brian James with Maestros Damian & Lila, Temple of the Way of Light, Peru, 2017

Brian James with Maestros Damian & Lila, Temple of the Way of Light, Peru, 2017


01. Preparation

Setting Your Intention & Heart-felt Mission
Through a process of guided self-inquiry, get clear on what you would like to change in your self, your life and your relationships. Your intention lays out the path for your healing journey and keeps you on track.

Lifestyle & Diet Recommendations
Making some simple changes in your life leading up to your psychedelic experience can make a big difference in the benefit you gain from it. I'll share with you what I've learned through my experience and help you sort out truth from superstition when it comes to diet and lifestyle recommendations.


02. Navigating the Ceremony

Setting Expectations
It can be helpful to have some idea of what to expect when entering into uncharted territory. I'll share what I've learned in my years of participating in different kinds of ceremonies to give you an idea of what might come up and offer some suggestions on how to deal with whatever happens.

Tools for Centering & Grounding
Learn mindfulness and breathing techniques that can help you remain grounded and centered during the ceremony. The ability to stay present and relaxed in the midst of what is often an intense and chaotic experience can make all the difference in what you take away from it.


03. Processing & Integrating the Experience

Compassionate Support
When processing your experience, it's important that the person you're speaking with have experienced healing through psychedelics themselves. It's also helpful if they have a holistic understanding of the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of healing. Whether you need a single followup session or ongoing support, I can help you to unpack your experience, find the meaning in it, and put the insights and inspiration into action in your life to realize lasting positive change.

Tools for Life
Learn how to incorporate practices drawn from yoga and other traditions into a personal daily self-care ritual that will help you stay open, connected and on the path toward healing and wholeness. A daily practice can keep the healing happening long after the ceremony closes.

Sessions available online (worldwide) or in-person (Montréal area)

Single Session (1hr) $75

3-Session Integration Package $250
– 2 Preparation Sessions (1.5 hours each)
– 1 Follow-Up Session (1.5 hours)
– Journaling Exercises
– Video and PDF Resources

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